Why Choose CARGO ?

Visibility & Performance Management

For manufacturers, retailers and distributors, we provide a comprehensive and timely view of the product delivery process from purchase order to warehouse receipt. Improve your logistics efficiency with us by taking advantage of our single integrated view of shipments and delivery performance. We share and analyze shipment data through acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices, proof of delivery and more.

Logistics Flow Control

With Logistics Flow Control, retailers, suppliers, carriers and brokers can use the same solution to manage the end-to-end purchase order management process. The software that we use provides the essential capabilities for retailers, suppliers, customs brokers and carriers to benefit from unprecedented levels of coordination at each stage of inbound supply chain logistics. By leveraging data across all parties involved in the inbound supply chain, we help customers simultaneously manage their commercial and logistics processe

Optimized Dock Scheduling

Our dock scheduling solution enables shippers, carriers and consignees to schedule dock door appointments. This streamlines the dock appointment process by distributing the responsibility for scheduling warehouse deliveries or pickups between carriers and suppliers. We ensure all supply chain partners are involved in the process and have visibility into requested, scheduled and rescheduled dock appointments. This solution optimizes receiving operations for inbound shipments and helps coordinate outbound pickups.

Carrier Compliance & Rate Management

Contracts are the core of the transportation management process. The software we use leverages the negotiated lanes established for your business by centralizing carrier contracts within an electronic database. Our database has the capability to provide access and innovative decision support tools for your transportation management.

Document Management Services

At Cargo Convoy, we offer modern document management services to help improve your operational performance, while also reducing costs.

Our tools offer robust capabilities to:

Manage a broad array of industry and mode specific electronic documents, including booking requests and confirmations, freight invoices, bills of lading, originating and derived purchase orders, and invoices; Provide enhanced value-added services including distribution services (e-mail, EDI-to-fax, fax-to-EDI, Carbon Copy) Provide e-Invoicing and e-Archiving capabilities