Amrendra Kumar


With over a decade of experience in the supply chain and logistics sector, I lead a team of professionals who provide innovative and customized logistics and IT solutions for clients across various industries. As the CEO of Geesha Solutions Private Limited and Cargo Convoy INC, I oversee the vision, strategy, and execution of both companies, ensuring growth and profitability.

My core competencies include customer relationship management, people management, and business development. I have successfully founded and co-founded multiple companies in the field, creating value and impact in the industry. I also serve as the Director of Operations at Eternity Logistics Solutions Pt Ltd, where I manage the planning and implementation of the company’s operations. My mission is to make a lasting difference in the logistics and IT industry and create solutions for the future.

Rajinder Singh


I am Rajinder Singh, and I bring with me a wealth of experience spanning seven years in the IT industry. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my leadership abilities by spearheading cross-functional teams in ever-changing and dynamic environments. My adaptability to evolving industry standards and emerging technologies has been a cornerstone of my professional journey.

My passion lies in harnessing the power of technology to tackle intricate challenges and steer businesses towards success. I am particularly excited about the prospect of applying my extensive IT expertise to the field of logistics.

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